Posted by: Mo | March 21, 2011


I keep forgetting to mention details. I suppose filling 18 hours a day full of new and different things makes it hard to keep track of everything.

First, when mentioning culture, I forgot to add the college Freshman walking around dressed as ship wrecked drag pirates covered in oatmeal. Can´t get enough of them and have to love a city where this is the go to outfit.

I also went on a tour of the city. A tour that was supposed to reveal the local´s Santiago. On this tour I saw meat markets and fruit stuff and we went and had “coffee with legs.” There are the more open cafes that just have girls in tight clothes and short skirts serving coffee. Then there are the ones in a darker setting. These ones play techno music and have girls in bikini tops, thong bikini bottoms, with a piece of material stretched around to cover half of their butt cheeks. The bottoms hangs out to say hello, however. Not a relaxing environment to have a coffee in. And it just made me wonder why the fuck there aren´t enough shops exploiting the sex of men. I want shirtless dudes handing me a demitasse. WHAT THE FUCK?! It´s always hot barista ladies, where the fuck are the dudes? On a construction site? Boo.

And then we drank this thing called a Terremoto. It´s the “earthquake”. White wine, fernet and pineapple ice cream. It´s surprisingly not as terrible as it sounds. It gets you really drunk, so of course I liked it.

I´m off. It´s sunny out and apparently heading to Bolivia means I´m heading to winter. Boooooo. This might mean camping out in La Paz and avoiding the washed out roads. Sorry Uyuni salt flat, you might get skipped.


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